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    James Vander Hulst, CDO, ERN USA and President, Michigan ERN, will present to the Marshall Manufacturers Association (MMA) today discussing how the ERN® (Employer Resource Network®) model is an innovative approach to workforce development to drive business growth and support employees. "ERNs® find solutions for both employees and employers utilizing Success Coaches and other creative, collaborative idea,." said MMA. James, along with Success Coach, April Hall (Southwest Michigan ERN), will discuss approaches and benefits to joining an ERN®.

  • Michigan ERN Success Coaches Address Over 9,000 Needs in 2019

    Wednesday, May 13, 2020

    Wednesday, May 13, 2020


    Michigan Success Coaches Assisted ERN Employees with 9,180 Service Needs in 2019 in efforts to increase retention and family stability. Top ten service categories this year were consistent with last year’s report which include basic needs such as financial, housing, health insurance, and transportation. “Along with securing personalized resources for needs that can directly jeopardize job retention, other top ten needs that were consistent with last year’s data include coaching and counseling referrals,” said President and CEO, James Vander Hulst. “ERNs provide a holistic retention approach combining resource connection with coaching, helping employees create and follow-up with a plan to manage those resources. Once immediate needs are addressed, we move forward with long term goals such as home buying or skill building to further stabilize the individual or family. In addition to high arching turnover savings, the end goal is a focused and skilled workforce with a transformed culture of supportive employment. With current pandemic challenges, success coaching is more important than ever and will continue into next year as we navigate recovery.” Discover how employers are experiencing an average ROI of 374% with 12% of their employees using an onsite Success Coach in the Michigan ERN Annual Report. Stay tuned for the ERN USA report of national Key Performance Indicators later this month.


    Employer Resource Network® Success Coaches are working remotely to meet employee needs to help keep them stable during difficult times. Contact your Success Coach today to address any need including housing, food, transportation, childcare, medical treatment, counseling referral, legal assistance, and more. Your Success Coach can assist in apply for healthcare, health and human service funds, community resources, unemployment benefits, and emergency relief. Don't hesitate to email, text or call today!

  • National Peer Learning Inspires Success Coaches in Assisting Employees

    Sunday, March 1, 2020


    How does best practice sharing translate into improved employee assistance? In the March newsletter, we explain to employees how Success Coach Peer Learning impacts them. We also include success stories and tips on tax refund planning and finding a doctor for improved health.

  • Try the 52 Week ERNĀ® Employee Savings Plan Challenge!

    Tuesday, December 31, 2019


    USA ERN Success Coaches are offering employees the ”52 Week ERN® Savings Plan Challenge” with a savings potential of $1,378.00. Ask your Success Coach for a printed sheet or download here.

    Not sure where to get started? Many people find it difficult to set aside even a little savings each week. Saving might seem impossible if you have debt. Your Success Coach can look at your expenses, suggest areas where you could save money, and connect you with resources. Natalie Longmeier, Success Coach (Marion Area ERN), enjoys working with employees to set up a budget that allows emergency fund saving. “We all experience unplanned expenses like car repair, home maintenance, or medical bills. The key is having money set aside for when those things happen.”

    Succeed at your challenge and let your Success Coach know. If you had some difficulty - what will you do different next time? We can all learn from these lessons too. We will highlight these stories at year’s end. Tell co-workers about onsite success coaching. Sharing your story could change someone’s life. And, the more successful each employee, the more successful the company. In turn, employees have greater job security and promotion opportunities. It’s a win-win for all!

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  • Congratulations to DENSO, an ERN member employer, in it's investment to open the North Technical Training Center at its Battle Creek, Michigan, facility.

  • SWMERN Success Coach, April Hall, Nominated for "Women in Business Award"

    Wednesday, May 15, 2019

    April Hall, Success Coach (Southwest Michigan Employer Resource Network), was nominated by the Battle Creek Chamber of Commerce for the “Women in Business Award" for "always showing kindness and helping people, no matter if they are struggling or at their peak performance." April felt appreciated and honored to be nominated and recognized at the May 15th, 2019 ceremony. "It represents my dedication and empathy being a Success Coach," said April. We congratulate April and appreciate the impact she makes in the lives of ERN member employees and their companies. Read about her transportation success story in the June ERN newsletter. The monthly ERN newsletter not only inspires member employees to utilize a success coach to improve their lives and careers but serves additional purposes. Other success coaches learn success coaching best practices and creative solutions to employee challenges. Executive managers, supervisors and HR can learn what other companies are doing to retain and motivate employees to be their best.

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  • Michigan Success Coaches Assist Employees with 7,894 Needs in 2017-2018

    Monday, January 28, 2019

    Michigan ERN

    Discover how employers are experiencing an average ROI of 518% with 15% of their employees using an onsite Success Coach to increase retention in the Michigan ERN Annual Report.

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  • ERN program leads to high retention rates

    Friday, September 21, 2018

    Grand Rapids Business Journal

  • The Human Side of Human Resources

    Thursday, January 5, 2017

    The Greater Detroit ERN demonstrates the positive effects of Employer Resource Networks.

  • Three Rivers Commercial-News

    Bronwyn Drost, the workforce innovation fund project manager for the W.E. Upjohn Institute for Employment Research, and Sarah Beckle, a Cares Program Success Coach for the Southwest Michigan Employer Resource Network (SWMERN) spoke to Constantine Rotary on Tuesday, Aug. 30.